"I'm sure you've noticed the RAPID decline in the AVAILABILITY of certain DUAL-IN-LINE COMPONENTS.

The devices MIGHT still be available but ONLY in their SURFACE MOUNT form.

So how DO YOU construct PCBs using these TINY devices?

To enable you to KEEP UP with the TECHNOLOGY, I've created a FREE EMAIL COURSE that contains a series of special techniques to address these problems.

The course uses techniques that ONLY require LOW COST HAND TOOLS and is mainly intended for PROTOTYPE PCB DESIGNS.

The course consists of ONE EMAIL EVERY DAY covering the following topics:-

  • Working Practices
  • Good and Bad Joints
  • Soldering Rules
  • SMT Pads
  • VIA Holes
  • IC Sockets
  • SMT Components
  • Solder Levelling
  • Fine Pitch SMTs
  • Handling SMTs
  • Removing SMTs
  • PCB Example
  • FAQs
  • Course Summary

  • To ENROL on the course please EMAIL:-

    with the word SUBSCRIBE inserted in the SUBJECT LINE.

    "Throughout the course there is FEEDBACK available to answer ANY of your questions and the option to TERMINATE the course at ANYTIME."